CEVAC — Giving Travelers a Truly Decentralized Market Place Backed by Strong and Sustainable Business Model

CEVAC is a state of the art travel and tourism marketplace that allows travelers to exchange money, book tickets, reserve hotel rooms, and purchase products from merchants using any major cryptocurrency. It offers a multi feature mobile app that facilitate tourists by providing them a truly unique and fully responsive user experience and also enable them to take full advantage of cryptocurrencies by eliminating the role

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Mobile Application for TRAVEL & TOURISM

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What Is Cevac Coin?

CEVAC Coin is modern age digital currency that is ERC 20 compliant and deployed on ethereum blockchain. It allows peer to peer mode of payment, store and exchange of value and is specifically designed for large volumes of transactions. It offers quick, secure and efficient transfer of value with confirmation speeds up to 10 times faster than Bitcoin.

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Our Vision

CEVAC is created with the vision to facilitate $ 8 trillion travel industry by providing tourists and travelers an entire financial ecosystem where they can book tickets and hotels, purchase products from merchants and create a passive source of income through CEVAC Arbitrage and CEVAC Mining facility.

Our Mission

CEVAC aims to become the world’s leading open source decentralized payment gateway that is determined to change people’s lives while meeting the needs and demands inherent in the travel industry.

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Why CEVAC Coin?

Our Core Values



Deployment on blockchain ensuring that content is transparent and readily available for review



The decentralized and distributed ledger any one from anywhere to check authenticity and credibility of the transactions and content



A model where content creators getting the fair reward for their contribution



Decentralized governance giving power back to the people



CEVAC is based on the distributed sharing model allowing all users to access the ledger, thus providing the users a trust they lacked in centralized news networks

Key Products

As the platform grows, new features will become available.

An open source, decentralized blockchain deployed application that allows travelers to Exchange money, Book rooms, Buy tickets or purchase any other product from merchants directly. It provides a secured payment gateway through the usage of sophisticated blockchain technology and thus ensures transparent, safe, secure and instant transactions.

CEVAC Travel app is our attempt to create a decentralized traveling marketplace and unique payment gateway for travelers, when they are on the go, to get rid of traditional local currency conversion, the hectic process and massive charges, that comes with it. A platform where users would have the ultimate control of the economy being created, and authority being distributed among the token holders and platform users.


icon_ticket_booking Ticket Booking
icon_room_reservation Room Reservation
icon_purchase_item_merchant Purchase Items from Merchants
icon_payment_gateway Payment Gateway
icon_smart_search Smart Search
icon_multi_language_support Multi Language Support
icon_navigation Navigation
icon_special_discount Special Discounts

How It Work

Choose to exchange foreign currency with either party

Money Changer

Our partner licensed money changers


Our partner merchants such as hotels & stores


P2P exchange with any CEVAC app users all in the world

CEVAC Crowdsale Information

Use of Proceed

Funds Distribution Plan

We are aiming to make CEVAC as the leading rental and services marketplace and have devised a proper plan that would give our dream a practical implementation. The proceeds from the token sale will fund the product launch, continued platform development and user acquisition:

  • Platform Creation
  • Blockchain Development Fee
  • CEVAC Mobile Application Development
  • Team and Management
  • Market Management
  • Legal Advisory Team
  • Charity Fund
  • Reserve

Token Allocation

  • Market Sales
  • Angel Investor
  • Reward
  • Publisher

Road Map


Mike Hagen

Founder of VAGS, Executive Director of CEVAC Project

Blockchain enthusiasts, have vast experience in Internet operations and marketing, blockchain research experience, and have participated in many blockchain development projects. Proficient in mobile applications, management, and software service systems. Excellent leadership skills, leading the company to the peak of the blockchain era.

Bradley Daniels

Executive Deputy Director of CEVAC Project

An experienced financial institution analyst, he has more than 15 years of experience in financial derivatives trading and financial sector, especially in foreign exchange, futures, arbitrage, digital currency and blockchain technology.


Chief Speaker of VAGS and Chief Marketing Executive

Multilingual, good in sales, strategic marketing planning, business development, project and product management. In 2015, Jerry has been invited as a Chief Speaker and Chief Analyst in Asia. His speech scope includes Masternode and Blockchain Technology.

Freddie Harrison

Chief Technology Officer

Blockchain technology enthusiast With professional skills and passionate about Blockchain technology. He has 8 years’ experience in technology industry and expert in Blockchain & software development. He has good communication skill as well as strong problem-solving aptitude.

Samantha Bronson

Chief Marketing Officer

Analytical & creative. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. She oversees all activities and performance of the marketing department. Samantha is a results-driven communications expert and team leader, experienced in brand management, strategy planning, analysis of marketing trend.

Stanley Aiden

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible & detail oriented Stanley has more than 8 years of experience with leading finance organizations at global software and technology companies.

Ethan Grayson

Chief Financial Officer

Proactive & Analytical Ethan responsible to manage the financial actions of the company. He has 7 years of financial experience and management experience with the day-to-day financial operations of an organization of at least 50 staff persons.

Gabriel Owen

Human Resource Director

Gabriel has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Human Resources. His job role including overseeing recruiting and global business partners.